Spring Season Challenge

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Many Mondays, Strawberry Singh posts a blog challenge or meme, and since I’m a couple of years late to the party, I thought I’d go back and join in on some of the ones I’ve missed.  This one from about a year ago is the Spring Season challenge.  The photo above called “The Birth of Spring” is actually one that I posted about a week ago on Flickr, but I think it’s absolutely perfect for this.  As part of this blog challenge, Berry posted three questions to answer in addition to taking the photograph.

  1. What is the spring season like where you live?
    This Spring was really non-existent.  I live in the north-western part of Texas in the United States, and our February was brutal (for us) – we had inches of ice on the road at times along with snow.  There were times that basically the whole city I live in shut down!  Then we transitioned straight to our normal May weather – mid-high 80 degree afternoon temperatures and very, very sunny.  Our typical spring doesn’t have too much rain, but it we do get thunderstorms and tornadoes.
  2. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of spring?
    New life.  Spring is when everything awakens from its winter slumber and color explodes across the ground.
  3. Which spring-themed sim in Second Life is your favorite at the moment?
    I recently have been working on transitioning my private sim to spring, and I’m doing it just the way I like it, so I’d have to be biased and say that it would be my favorite.  I enjoy looking around other peoples’ spring-themed sims as well, though!

The avatar was built around the incredible skin that Fallen Gods Inc released at March’s round of We ❤ Roleplay.  Their skins are always so inspiring, and many of my wilder fantasy avatars are based around them.  The rest of the avatar pulls mostly from older items that were already in my inventory, but that complimented the skin well to enhance the overall look.  Credits for this avatar are a little bit tough to do because I tend to combine a lot of things together to create fantasy avatars, but I’ll do the best that I can.

Most Leaves | Illusions Hedera Silks
Some Leaves | Rising Silks Gaius II
A Few Leaves | Fallen Gods Inc FLEURS outfit
Mask | [ContraptioN] Masks: Oberon’s Crown
Satyr Legs | Satyrs Moon Fitted Mesh Oak Furset
Bottom-level Tattoo (Face) | Fallen Gods Inc Mark of the Damned 50%
Second-level Tattoo (Face) | Fallen Gods Inc SPIRIT Face Tattoo 50% (Tintable)
Third-Level Tattoo | Fallen Gods Inc RAIJU tattoo Soft (Tintable)
Fourth-Level Tattoo | Fallen Gods Inc EARTH CRY soft 7
Fifth-Level Tattoo | Fallen Gods Inc The Spirit Within Monochrome

Hair | Wasabi Pills Erik Mesh Hair – Pancake
Eyes | IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oak
Skin/Appliers | Fallen Gods Inc Wood Nymph, male Spring (from We ❤ Roleplay)
Hands | Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands (Relaxed)
Ears | .:Soul:. Uni Ears – High Elf
Outer Horns | Cerridwen’s Cauldron Pronghorn Gazelle (Common)
Inner Horns | Le Forme Mistery Horns Bronze RARE

Pose/Bird | !bang Spring Friend 3 (marketplace only item)

Long Walks on the Beach

A Long Walk on the Beach

Menswear Fashion Week opened today, and I knew I was in trouble when I saw that the theme was Bali.  Half of my land stays as a huge beach the whole year, so I knew that I would see so many things there that I just had to have.  This outfit shows you a few of them.

First, the Barong sarong by Fallen Gods Inc and Faida in the “exotic purple” color is a Relay For Life donation item, so I knew I had to have it immediately.  The recent partnership between Fallen Gods and Faida has been amazing to see.  Tag’s “No Diggity” leather sandals are also a Relay For Life donation item , and come in both an unrigged version and a version that is rigged for Slink feet.  The Leather Cross Bracelet from V-Spot is also a Relay For Life donation item, and I think it looks fantastic.  The Shirtless Tshirt from INVICTUS on my shoulder adds a nice accent to the beach feel of the outfit.  The Ellie necklace from Velvet Elvis is so incredibly detailed, especially for being made of sculpties.  Finally, the Baat arm and leg tribal tattoos from Ghost’Ink cap off the look perfect.

From outside of Menswear Fashion Week, I added the bracelet from Mandala’s Fearless set from the current round of Uber that opened a few days ago, [SteinWerk]’s Bonnie & Clyde sunglasses, and Exile’s new hairstyle “Give Away Your Secrets”.  Spring may have just started, but Menswear Fashion Week has me feeling like it’s already summer!  Click the image above to see the full-resolution version on Flickr.

T-Shirt | INVICTUS Shirtless/Tshirt Simple Black (at MWFW)
Sarong | Fallen Gods Inc/Faida Barong Exotic Purple (Relay For Life donation item at MWFW)
Sandals | tag. sandal no diggity [leather] 1 (Relay For Life donation item at MWFW)
Necklace | Velvet Elvis ELLIE Necklace Silver strap (at MWFW)
Right Bracelet | V-Spot Leather Cross Bracelet (Relay For Life donation item at MWFW)
Left Bracelet | Mandala Fearless Jewelry Set GOLD (at Uber)

Glasses | [Steinwerk] Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses
Hair | Exile Give Away Your Secrets (blonde pack)
Tattoos | Ghost’Ink Applier (TMP) :: Baat :: Tribal tattoo (at MWFW)
Eyes | IKON Sovereign Eyes – Fjord
Skin/Applier | Tableau Vivant Alyx (tone 7)
Body/Hands/Feet | #TheMeshProject Deluxe Male Body
Ears | AITUI Gen 4 Naked

Pose | ::WetCat:: “Maxx” 5

Wine and Denim

Wine and Denim

Hi there!  After having this domain name for about 10 months and meaning to start up a blog time and time again, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and do it after some prodding from a few friends.  If you’d like to read a little bit more about me, my time in SL, and where I’m coming from, please feel free to read through the “About Me” tab to learn more about my journey.

Today, I’m blogging a simple outfit that highlights a few things I really like right now.  The shirt is from Scars and is at Fashion For Life, which is open now, as a donation item to raise money for Relay For Life.  This year’s Fashion For Life was the first time I heard of Scars, but I’ll certainly be visiting their main store.  The jeans are from Lenox, and were at an event last November.  Finally, the boots are from FATEstep, which just recently launched.  The Anthony boots* were something that I had been looking for for a very long time, but hadn’t been able to find.  I suggested them to Damien Fate, the creator behind FATEstep, and was completely shocked to find out that he named them and the leather version (the Matthew boots) after me.

Shirt | …Scars… Due Bottoni Shirt [Wine] (Fashion For Life donation item)
Jeans | Lenox 2015 Denim Mens
Boots | FATEstep Anthony Boots*

Glasses | [Steinwerk] Alphabeat Glasses
Hair | Exile High and Dry (dark blonde pack)
Eyes | IKON Sovereign Eyes – Fjord
Skin/Applier | Tableau Vivant Alyx (tone 7)
Body/Hands/Feet | #TheMeshProject Deluxe Male Body
Ears | AITUI Gen 4 Naked

Pose | Exposeur Beloved 8 (M)